Lacer candle filling

Behind a LACERA scented candle hide finely coordinated work steps. In addition to the interplay of the highest quality materials such as.B. our soya/coconut wax mixture, temperature is also an important factor in every production step. Before the actual filling, the candle glasses are heated by hot air, so that the wax can cool down slowly after filling and thus result in a beautiful wax image. Furthermore, LACERA scented candles are produced according to the “pour cold” principle. This means that the casting temperature is significantly lower in contrast to conventional candle production. It’s all about the perfect moment: when the liquid wax is already slightly milky, the right time has come to slowly stir in the scented oil. Only a short time later, when the fragrance oil has completely mixed with the wax, the heated candle glasses are bottled. This guarantees us that no component of the fragrance oils transpires before pouring and thus each candle has a full, natural fragrance output.


LACERA Berlin - Handmade Premium Scented Candles
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